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Why our supplements?
Here at Medical Detective, we carry pharmaceutical-grade supplements. This means that all of our supplements are thoroughly tested by independent laboratories to ensure that each bottle contains nothing more and nothing less than the listed ingredients; in the exact dosage needed to obtain the supplement’s maximum benefits. This is what makes our supplements stand apart from other supplements that one may purchase from local health food stores and online websites; as other supplements often contain unlisted, unnecessary ingredients and fillers; that lower the supplement’s ability to provide it’s maximum benefits.

Medical Detective strives to provide you with the highest quality supplements available today; while taking the guesswork out of your supplement concerns. Our team of highly trained staff not only provides you with a personally tailored supplement regimen; but also assists you in answering any questions and/or concerns you may have about your new way of life.

Our supplements are:
• FDA inspected
• NSF cGMP rated
• Soy, GMO, Fructose, and Gluten Free and have no artificial sweeteners
• Controlled in environment regulating humidity to prevent degradation

We carry the following brands in store:

Life Extension
and More

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Gene Analysis

What is Methylation Nutrigenomics?
Mutations are very common in the Methylation Cycle and these mutations predispose you to ill health. Your mutations can be determined by a genetic analysis. You can’t change your genes but you can change gene expression! If you are willing to spend time, energy and resources in dealing with your Methylation Cycle defects, you can make major advances in improving your health. If you have been to multiple doctors and are taking numerous medications and still don’t feel well, it’s time to evaluate the mutations in your Methylation Cycle!

Why is the Methylation Cycle Important?
The Methylation Cycle is a biochemical pathway that manages or contributes to a wide range of crucial bodily functions, including:
• Detoxification
• Immune function
• Maintaining DNA
• Energy production
• Mood balancing
• Controlling inflammation

All these processes help the body respond to environmental stressors, to detoxify, and to adapt and rebuild. That’s why lowered methylation function may contribute to many, major chronic conditions, including:
• Cardiovascular Disease
• Cancer
• Diabetes
• Adult neurological conditions
• Autism and other spectrum disorders
• Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
• Alzheimer’s disease
• Miscarriages, fertility, and problems in pregnancy
• Allergies, immune system, and digestive problems
• Mood and psychiatric disorders
• Aging

From Pathways to Recovery by Dr. Amy Yasko

Paleolithic Foods

What Is The Paleolithic Diet?
The Paleo diet is the healthiest way you can eat because it is the ONLY nutritional approach that works with your genetics to help you stay lean, strong and energetic! Research in biology, biochemistry, Ophthalmology, Dermatology and many other disciplines indicate it is our modern diet, full of refined foods, trans fats and sugar, that is at the root of degenerative diseases such as obesity, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, depression and infertility.” – Robb Wolf

Some of the Paleolithic goods we carry at Medical Detective
Steve’s Paleo Goods: Cereals, Jerky, Krunch Bars, Dressings and Sauces
Paleo Simplified: Energy Bars
Base Culture Paleo Goods: Bread, Muffins, Cakes, Cereals and so much MORE!

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Why our services?

Medical Detective provides the best prices and highest quality of care through highly trained Registered Nurses who specialize in the art of injections and who are dedicated to listening and assisting each patient in reaching their personal goals. At Medical Detective, we are on the cutting edge of therapies and allow you to harness the healing powers of your body. Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy, also known as PRP Therapy, is a progressive non-surgical healing treatment used in many applications such as anti-aging, sexual dysfunction, stress incontinence, joints, injuries, and hair restoration. Platelet-Rich Plasma or PRP Therapy is taking the liquid aspect of our blood which houses the cellular components of the red and white blood cells and platelets. PRP is your own blood modified in a way to produce mega doses of your body’s own healing “ingredients” such as growth factors that are stored in our platelets. The stem cells that are produced in the platelets, release growth factors that help build new tissue; blood vessels and collagen. Call us to find out what other therapy we provide with Platelet-Rich Plasma.

Vi Peel

The VI peel contains a synergistic blend of powerful ingredients suitable for all skin types and can be used on many parts of the body. This physician prescribed p...

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Nefertiti Neck Lift

This unique procedure will tighten your neck and add definition to your jawline. Take years off your appearance with the Nefertiti neck lift....

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Carboxy Therapy

Safe and minimally invasive injections to break down fatty deposits and stimulate collagen production. It’s affective for cellulite, body sculpting, fine lines, ...

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Facial éclat or mesoglow

This fabulous treatment is one of the pinnacle anti-aging treatments. It improves the overall appearance and elasticity of the skin. It restores firmness and nouri...

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Collagen induction therapy is a unique way of addressing and correcting acne scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, hair loss, hyperpigmentation, lax skin, thin crepe ski...

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Sclerotherapy effectively treats varicose and spider veins. It is the treatment of choice for small varicose veins. It involves injecting a solution directly into...

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Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are a great way to instantly fill into those stubborn wrinkles and return volume to the face. Facial sculpting can be done with fillers to provide v...

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Neuromodulator Blocking Agent

A cosmetic prescription medicine that is injected into the muscles and used to improve the look of moderate to severe wrinkles and stubborn lines in people 18-75 y...

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Vampire Facial

Prp therapy applied superficially to the face after the face has been micro-needled....

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Vampire Face Lift with Dermal Filler

Vampire face lift procedure combined with dermal filler to promote a youthful appearance and added facial volume and improvement of sagging skin....

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Vampire Face Lift

Non-surgical cosmetic procedure involving the reinjection of PRP derived from a patient’s own blood back into multiple areas of the skin to their face to treat w...

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PRP Therapy for Joints, Muscles & Tendon Inju

Used for healing and pain prevention....

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Hair Restoration

Is treated with a combination of therapies for the best results. Carbossi, micro-needling and intradermal injections of gender appropriate dutasteride, finasteride...

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M Shot (man shot)

Increase circulation within the penile for a healthier organ and increases sensation and pleasure....

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Venus Shot

Rejuvenation of vaginal tissue to help with stress incontinence and to improve sexual response....

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Total Vaginal Rejuvenation

Same benefits of the Venus Shot and added advantage of tissue regeneration of the labia major and labia minora. Helps women with peri-menopause and post-menopause ...

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About Us

We provide pharmaceutical grade supplements; Paleolithic foods; and therapy for Sexual Dysfunction; Stress Incontinence; joints and injuries, and Aesthetic Services as well.

At Medical Detective, our Medical Director Dr. Douglas C. Hall strives to get to the root of a problem; consistently asking why something is occurring within the body; in an effort not to “mask” the problem, but to heal it. It is that philosophy that we have adopted at Medical Detective; approaching health in a way that helps the individual to feel healthy inside and out. Also, Medical Detective takes intimacy (another fundamental element in a healthy lifestyle) into consideration, as it can also have a profound affect on our overall happiness and well-being. Our team of highly dedicated staff are here to help you achieve your highest level of intimate satisfaction, and well-being through Hormonal Therapy, supplementation, weight control therapy and aesthetic therapies to improve ones outward appearance for a healthier, happier you.

Some Words From
Our Medical Director

In 1777, Mesmer said, “In the beginning, disease is difficult to recognize but easy to cure. In the end, disease is easy to recognize, but difficult to cure.” Dr. Hall’s extensive testing allows him the opportunity to recognize abnormal laboratory values long before the patient becomes symptomatic. This will permit him to ask the question, “Why are the values abnormal?” Instead of the usual response, “I have a medication for that symptom!” Are those abnormal values related to inflammation, oxidative stress, nutritional deficiencies, toxins, hormone imbalances, glycation (abnormal glucose metabolism) or infections? Then being he is an M. D., Medical Detective, the research begins!
Each of these potential problems is evaluated in great detail, including determining the person’s genetic make-up, by high-tech laboratories across the United States.
Basic components of the his treatment protocol include a therapeutic diet; lifestyle improvements; and foundational supplements (including, but not limited to) multivitamins; fish oil; Vitamin D; and probiotics. Once an individual’s data is available; a personalized plan of therapy is developed.

Should that plan of therapy include supplementation; each supplement recommended is based on the current literature demonstrating it will bring about the desired change in the individual’s physiology. Because our high quality supplements are stored in house; you can be certain that everything you are taking contains everything you need and nothing more; at the exact dosage needed to maximize your benefits and rapidly heal your body.
After three months of therapy, Dr. Hall will repeat your tests to determine if the laboratory abnormalities have returned to normal. If they have, he may suggest that you continue the basic foundation supplements, such as multivitamins; fish oil; Vitamin D; and probiotics. It is our hope that the other supplements one may be taking at that time may be discontinued due to an increased level of health. Although some supplements may require life long consumption due to any form of genetic mutation; such as a mutation in Folic Acid Metabolism; a mutation in the blood clotting mechanism; or the gene for Alzheimer’s dementia, Medical Detective is here for all the supplements and therapies needed to continue your newly acquired, healthy lifestyle.

Company History

Immediately after obtaining her A.S. in Culinary Arts at Le Cordon Bleu in Orlando, Florida, the President of Medical Detective, Sarah Ray Hall moved to Ocala, Florida in January, 2013 (bringing with her, the knowledge of the healing qualities of food) to establish Medical Detective Nutrition and Supplements, L.L.C. Though the name is well-known now, she had not come up with a name when the idea was still a dream between Douglas C. Hall, M.D. (her husband) and herself.

Because of her husband’s ability to treat each person as a unique individual and solve their biochemical pathway mysteries, both he and Sarah thought they should call the business Medical Detective Nutrition and Supplements. It is Dr. Hall who acts as a detective to answer the questions as to why something is occurring and how to treat it naturally with nutrition and supplements.

In March, 2013, events took place to establish the business and get it in operation. By April 8, 2013, Medical Detective opened its door to the public. Medical Detective began in a small room and all its operations took place within this room. In August,2013, Sarah Ray Hall began a new project that would bring cutting edge services locally. It was something special no one else was providing in the Ocala, Florida region. She wanted to bring organic aesthetics to Medical Detective to follow the healing from the inside out idea which is core to Medical Detective. In the beginning of September, 2013, Tosca Moore RN, BSN, CCRN, CLNC and Aesthetic Injection Specialist was hired and Medical Detective opened its new department, Med Spa. It would take a special person like Tosca Moore, and later, Sean Moore RN, Aesthetic Injection Specialist and Board Certified, to specialize in the art of injections and dedicate time to listening and assisting each patient in reaching their personal goals.

Sarah knew in order to spread the word to the community, she would need someone who could translate her ideas into design. Sarah decided it was time for a logo to symbolize what Medical Detective was diligently working hard to achieve in giving to the community. By the end of September, 2013,Commercial Art Designer and Med Spa manager, Baylee Rae Mann, helped to create the logo you now see on the website, private label supplements, cards, doors, flyers and such. It is the Chrysanthemum incorporated into the design of the logo since this flower represents “perfection” and “a life of ease”. Medical Detective aims for perfection and a better quality of life in health and well-being with the superior products and services provided.

Medical Detective Med Spa slowly began to blossom but it did not gain much ground until after the death of Sarah’s best friend and business partner, Baylee in March, 2014. Sadly, Baylee did not see her hard work and dedication to the company and the community pay off before her death.

​During her time of grieving, Sarah’s brother, Aaron K. Rittscher (shareholder of Medical Detective) stepped up to the plate to help keep operations flowing the best he could. Sarah was so incredibly thankful to Medical Detective’s employees Tosca Moore, Sean Moore, Shelby Moore and Kitty Gavidia, for their hard work during this period because it would not have ran as efficiently without them.

​By the end of April, 2014, Sarah wanted to create something in memory of and in honor of Baylee Rae Mann, and Baylee’s persistency, commitment and dedication to both Sarah and Medical Detective. Sarah worked with several artists to get a private label design which would honor Baylee and at the same time, represent the ideas and goals of Medical Detective. Jose Rivas, graphic designer from NuMedica would be the artist who captured her essence and managed to combine it with Medical Detective’s idea of health and well-being.

​The design represents the ideology both Baylee and Sarah had shared with the Medical Director,Douglas Hall, M.D., and the foundation which motivated Sarah to start the company. That design can be seen on the company’s supplement bottles, website and brochures; displaying nature and the organic side of life. 

You see, a person must get to the root of a problem and create a strong foundation to stand, and have the proper supple mentations and tools, just like that of a tree. The root system must be strong and grow from the nutrients found below to stand tall and strong providing shade for those in its presence. We cannot help others if we don’t first help ourselves and Baylee knew this. Her love for nature, health, everything organic, freedom, out-of-the-box thinking, art, and of course, her true love of trees, made her the perfect fit for Medical Detective. She herself was the epitome of what the company as a whole believes.

On July 1, 2014 Medical Detective received its first order for three private labeled supplements — Bio-Folate Cream, Germ RX, and Immu-Colostrum. Plans were later discussed in adjusting the label and creating something more eye-catching and polished but using the same design. In September, 2014, the website was published.

​During discussions in September, Medical Detective’s President Sarah Hall and Medical Director Douglas Hall, wanted to progress further in diagnosis testing and treatment by scaling down into nano-measurements and translating the nano-coding in the body. To get to the essentials (genes and DNA) of an individual’s biochemical make-up it was decided to provide the service of Genetic Analysis and Consultations. By October, 2014, Dr. Hall had performed his first analysis and it took him 16.5 hours. Once Dr. Hall realized the complexity of the genetic testing results and the hours he spent analyzing, Sarah decided this would need to be a unique package they could provide to patients serious about their health and who would comply with the protocol of treatment and lifestyle changes.

​Though they had this amazing service to provide and better prices across the United States than other functional medicine doctors, it was still too expensive for the majority of people. Both Dr. Hall and Sarah wanted to come up with a solution so others who are serious about their healthy lifestyle could get some benefits but with a more economical solution. So, on January 15, 2015 Medical Detective started selling two packages to provide genetic testing, analysis and consultation.

The first package started selling in October, 2014 which was more detailed about genetic methylation and provided more information.

The second package provides less details about the genetic methylation cycle (responsible for disease) but does look at 45 gene variants and gives information on fitness and nutrition and is more affordable.

​In January, 2015 Medical Detective hired Blair Ann Mann, Baylee’s sister, to take over the art and design department for networking/marketing, advertising and more. While Baylee left us with many good design ideas and pieces of her art which gave us a foundation to use, Blair has now built upon that with her own stylistic design skill set and good taste.

​All we have to do is listen to our bodies and give them the proper tools. Dr. Hall will help you read and listen to the unique language your body is trying to communicate to you through his expansive and profound knowledge of biochemistry! Sarah and Douglas want you to feel and look your best and use all the natural methods possible to achieve that! They feel  your inside and outside should match. If your body is aging due to a poor healthy lifestyle and you feel fatigued, you can get all the Botox and Juvederm you want, but, it won’t change how you feel on the inside.