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The following are valid until May 31, 2017

Get Vinpocetine or Synovial Tendon Ligament free with purchase of $250

Vinpocetine improves cerebral-vascular brain tissue health and microcirculation and provides antioxidant support for the brain

Synovial Tendon Ligament promotes tendon and ligament repair and comfort; promotes and protects collagen biosynthesis

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Get 15% off ALAmed CR, Nutri-Essentials without Iron, or Curcuminoid CR

ALAmed CR contains a patented blend of alpha-lipoic acid and biotin — important nutrients needed for mitochondrial function

Nutri-Essentials, for foundation nutrition

Curcuminoid CR fights inflammation with a potent extract of the tumeric plant known as curcuminoids combined with a patented black pepper extract that allows for better absorption and sustained release in the body

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CoQ-TEN and DHAlgaeBuy 1 and get second bottle 25% off

CoQ-TEN – An important nutrient needed for mitochondrial functioning

DHAlgae – Master omega for brain health

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Get ATP Activate free with purchase of $400 or 25% off with purchase of $250 

ATP Activate has amino acids, B vitamins, electrolytes, and other important nutrients and minerals required for ATP production in the mitochondria + sufficient antioxidants to combat any free radicals created during normal mitochondrial metabolism

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Buy 3 bottles of Berberine and receive each at a cost of $27.95

Berberine helps lower LDL and LDL-P, as well as elevated blood glucose and insulin

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The following are valid until April 30, 2017

Controls Seasonal Allergies

Get MicroBiome ENT OR Allergy Control for FREE with purchase of $250

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Detoxifies. Rids the body of Xenoestrogens and Excess Hormones

Get 10% off Xeno Detox all month long!

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Supports Thyroid Health

Get 10% off ThyroMend all month long!

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Controls Leptin Levels in the Body

Buy 1 bottle of Leptin Control and get 20% off a second bottle

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Decreases and Controls Blood Glucose and Insulin Levels

Buy ALAmed CR and get 25% off Glucose Modulate

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Decreases and Controls Blood Glucose and Insulin Levels

Buy ALAmed CRLeptin Control, and ThyroMend and get Glucose Modulate FREE

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