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Supports healthy estrogen metabolism and detoxification; provides strong antioxidant activity; essential for hormone balance

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Hepato DPO
Supports phase I and II of liver detoxification

Supports the liver

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For muscle protein synthesis, muscle recovery, strength and function

Supports healthy testosterone levels, healthy libido and performance, vitality, physical strength and endurance, and cognition

For estrogen metabolism, detoxification of Xenoestrogens and hormone balance

Omega Platinum EC
Water-soluble omega; easier to digest and 3X more absorbable than other fish oils on the market

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Zinc Glycinate
Supports immune system and hormones — great for male hormone support!


Nutri-Essentials without Iron
A complete and high-quality multivitamin without iron for men and women of all ages; great for post-menopausal women!

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Wheat Defeat
Helps break down the gluten protein; great for accidental exposure to gluten!

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ATP Activate: Athlete’s Formulation
A low-carb, sugar-free drink created without synthetic sweeteners and artificial ingredients that contains key amino acids, bioactive B vitamins, electrolytes, chelated trace minerals, herbs and powerful antioxidants.

Enhances exercise performance; reduces muscle fatigue, supports muscle strength, power, recovery and growth with peak ATP; alternative to ordinary caffeine.

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The following are valid until July 8, 2017

Brain Retain
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Vitamins and minerals essential for optimal brain function

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Germ RX
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Naturally supports the body’s ability to combat viral activity, bacterial colonization and activation of yeast overgrowth that induce inflammation (i.e. Gut Inflammation)

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Helps with brain function and is more bioavailable than B1. Protects brain against Glycation

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Synovial Active
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Beneficial for all joints; great for athletes, those with osteoarthritis, and those with joint pain and/or squeaky joints

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Spend $250, get Methyl B-12 Lozenges or Microbiome Daily DF FREE

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15% off any of the following:

MTHFR Support
For methylation; popularly used for elevated homocysteine and gene methylation defect

Improves cerebral-vascular brain tissue health and microcirculation and provides antioxidant support for the brain

Curcuminoid BCM-95
An anti-inflammatory that relieves minor pain and improves the integrity of the joints and brain/neuronal health

ATP Activate
Improves mitochondrial function, providing more energy 

Plays a very important role in brain health — helping address ADHD, Alzheimer’s and general brain health

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