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Frequently Asked Questions

Supplements Questions

Why these particular supplements? Why can’t I get them at Walmart?

The supplement you were prescribed are pharmaceutical grade, therefore a higher quality. The supplement companies we use have their products tested by an independent laboratory to assure you that what is on the label is really in the bottle. This is a very expensive process, but the companies reputations are based on the quality and content of their products.

Why so many supplements?

Each supplement was prescribed based on your abnormal laboratory findings. There is documented research showing that the supplements you were prescribed will have a positive effect on your particular abnormal laboratory findings, assuming you make the proper lifestyle changes.

How long do I have to be on these supplements?

You will stay on the supplements until your repeat laboratory findings have returned to normal, then the dose and frequency will be decreased, or they will be discontinued. If your abnormal laboratory findings are based on a genetic mutation, you will be on that particular supplement forever.

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