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Wellevate has a wide variety health products and brands as well as familiar products Dr. Hall has recommended such as Life Extension, Pure Encapsulations, Progressive Laboratories, Integrative Therapeutics, Metagenics, Douglas Laboratories and more.

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Men’s Health

The two greatest fears men have are erectile dysfunction (ED) and prostate cancer.

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Women’s Health

Female wellness is an extremely complex area of study because of the hormonal changes that occur from the onset of menses through menopause.

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Cardiovascular Support

Cardiovascular health encompasses coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, stroke and hypertension.

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Adrenal Support

Cortisol, the stress hormone, is what might come to mind when you hear the words “adrenal glands,” and while that’s important, this organ is so much more. Impaired function of any of the hormones it secretes has significant effect on your overall health.

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Brain Support

As you age, you may find increased difficulty finding words, more problems in multi-tasking, mild decrease in ability to pay attention, but you can learn new things and create new memories.

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The metabolism of drugs, metabolites from the gut bacteria, pollutants, metabolic byproducts, and even ‘toxic’ experiences, relationships, and thoughts.

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Micronutrient and Mineral Support

Micronutrients are nutrients required by organisms throughout life in small quantities to orchestrate a range of physiological functions.

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Pre-Type 2 Diabetes Support

Maintaining normal glucose and insulin levels is essential for a long healthy life.

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Thyroid Support

Every organ system in the body requires thyroid hormones. Thyroid hormone metabolism is extremely complex, but mastering the physiology of thyroid metabolism is essential to achieve optimal health.

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Find out how our standards for supplements far exceeds FDA requirements.

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Find out what medications are causing your nutrient deficiencies

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