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25% OFF all of the following

Germ RX: kills abnormal bacteria, yeast and parasites in the bowel — more affordable than a stool test

Red Yeast Rice: supports optimal cholesterol metabolism

Methyl B-12: a sublingual tablet that’s just as effective as an injection — why put yourself through the pain?

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15% off all of the following

Omega Platinum: supports cellular lipid membrane and much more

CoQ10: central to energy production in the Krebs cycle in the cell and depleted by statin prescription therapy

Testostormone: increases vitality, vigor and virility in men

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10% off all of the following

Microbiome CompleteMicrobiome DailyMicrobiome ENT, and Strengtia — probiotics to get your flora healthy and ready for spring’s allergies
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Valentine’s Day
15% off everything
$30 off Brainspan kit
(available in-store only)
And, receive 10% off any supplements recommended by your Brainspan analysis
Free with purchase of $250

Microbiome DailyGerm RX or Allergy Control
(great for seasonal allergies!)

Cogniquil: provides a unique blend of stimulant-free, non-habit-forming ingredients that support healthy brain magnesium levels; promote concentration, mental clarity, and focus; support cognitive health; and promote mental and physical energy and motivation to exercise.

Femquil: delivers biologically active folate and other key methylation vitamins in combination with a targeted blend of ingredients to support balance of the female hormone cycle, promote estrogen detoxification, and provide antioxidant and cellular support — and may ease common symptoms associated with PMS and menopause.

Adrenaliv: a comprehensive blend of nutrients, botanical extracts, and glandular to support the adrenals and promote energy, stamina, and everyday stress.

The following are valid until January 31, 2018


15% off all our protein shakes!

Need a healthy meal replacement, extra protein, brain support, or gut support? Try one of our therapeutic protein shakes!

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30% off AminoBolix or
spend $250 and get one for free!

Need to build muscle, prevent muscle loss, sarcopenia and increase total glutathione levels???
Use AminoBolix in one of our delicious lemon and fruit punch flavors.
Shop AminoBolix
10% OFF all of the following

Need Detox support??
For extra detox support, try one of the following formulas:
Hepato DPO
Xeno Detox
Oncoplex ES
15% OFF

Xymogen 6-day Detox Renewal kits
15% off

Some call our MTHFR Support the Mother Father Support supplement because the MTHFR gene mutation can come from your mother and/or father. Others call MTHFR support by another popular name… We’ll let you use your imagination!

Also, if you sign up for automatic renewal for MTHFR Support, its always 15% off!

Buy one and get 25% off second!

Berberine and
$5 Off

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